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Norcote International is a world-class manufacturer of UV, LED curable screen printing inks and coatings. Our products are used for flat-screen and rotary-screen printing on many types of plastics, metals, and other substrates. Typical applications are plastic sheets, loose-leaf binders, bottles & containers, CD/DVD disks, rotary-screen printed labels, membrane switch overlays, nameplates, glass and metal. We also carry specialty functional products include UV conductive inks.

The ELG UV Curable Conductive Silver is a 100% solids screen printable thick film paste. It has been formulated for use on UV print receptive polyesters, ITO sputtered coated films, and most other films commonly used in the manufacture of flexible circuits. The ELG Conductive Silver has a wide processing window making it suitable for use in a variety of applications including RFID, EL, static shields, contact pads, as well as many other applications common to the membrane switch industry. When properly processed it exhibits a low resistive value when measured in ohms per square. The ELG Conductive Silvers can be used with most solvent based carbon resistive compounds as well as UV curable dielectrics.
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