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Packaging and value-adding digital to boost growth in global print market

Smithers Pira

The latest flagship report from Smithers Pira projects a positive outlook for the print and printed packaging markets to 2020. Packaging and labels are growing consistently, while publication print volumes and value are declining significantly. In publication and commercial graphics, electronic media is steadily replacing printed products. Print manufacturers are also more efficient, using better workflow and automation to minimize make-ready and lower waste, reducing demand for paper and inks.

Asia is the biggest print region, growing in volume and value. China continues to grow and has overtaken the volume in the US during 2015 to become the biggest print market, although the value of the output is significantly lower reflecting the different product mix and lower pricing.

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28 Nov 2018

4 Ways Custom Packaging Can Be a Game Changer


Packaging sometimes may be referred to as “the silent salesman”. Here are 4 ways that help you leave a mark on your customers:

1. Use Packaging Inserts
2. Printing Your Boxes with Custom Stamps
3. Make Use of Stickers
4. Put Your Logo on Your Bags

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28 Nov 2018

Technology Meets Direct Mail – Video, Sound and Other Techniques


But as technology allows the internet to become increasingly individualized, the same holds true for direct mail, as there is an immense range of possibilities to develop an outstanding direct mail campaign. This form of advertising is slowly becoming irresistible for companies as well as their targeted customers.

What’s special about printed mailing is its haptic value. Key aspects of printed devices like the surface, printing and design can be used as attention getters. If technology meets direct mail, this attention is increased as the following examples show.

1) Using Sounds in Direct Mail
2) Video Plus Print’s Video Brochures
3) Gamified Packaging for More Customer Attention

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28 Nov 2018